What your health conscious mom wants for Mother’s Day!

As mothers we have a pretty good idea of what we would like to receive as a Mother's Day Gift, as a daughter or son, or even partner, it is sometimes more difficult to make that decision. One thing is certain, for the most part, women will always be happy to receive quality skin care … Continue reading What your health conscious mom wants for Mother’s Day!

the king of essential oils

Even if you don't use essential oils, or if you have never had the experience of being inspired by the scent of this oil, you will recognize its name. Its history is ancient and has inspired kings and leaders over the thousands of years it has been used for its multitude of benefits. Its scent, … Continue reading the king of essential oils

Mineral or Chemical sun protection?

As a parent the first thing  in the forefront of my mind is keeping my children safe and protected from harm. Sometimes, however, I find myself having to choose between the oddest options; chemically laced sunscreens with SPF or....nothing? 😦 Do I really have to make this choice? An increasing number of studies are proving … Continue reading Mineral or Chemical sun protection?