What your health conscious mom wants for Mother’s Day!

As mothers we have a pretty good idea of what we would like to receive as a Mother's Day Gift, as a daughter or son, or even partner, it is sometimes more difficult to make that decision. One thing is certain, for the most part, women will always be happy to receive quality skin care … Continue reading What your health conscious mom wants for Mother’s Day!

How can this powerhouse combination of pure argan and geranium oils help fight signs of aging?

With so many different facial creams on the market, I personally find this one to be truly extraordinary. I have been using   Argan Nourishing Facial Cream with Geranium Essential Oil  for the past 10 days and both its scent and texture have added a touch of luxury to my daily beauty routine! I am in love! … Continue reading How can this powerhouse combination of pure argan and geranium oils help fight signs of aging?

Can Papaya based beauty products do the trick?


Recently, many have been turning toward the fruit family for their daily beauty prep. We’ve heard about the power of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado – you name it! But when I heard of papaya-based products, I was slightly sceptical. It just seemed silly to think of yet another one of nature’s nutrientrich fruits bursting onto the scene.  Could it really benefit my skin like my other facial cleansers? Or was it simply a fad? papaya

Well, papaya is the real deal! This fruit is jam-packed with vitamins A, C, K and K, as well as antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, carotene, protein, and fiber. So what does this mean?

Papaya is a natural skin brightener, so it diminishes blemishes and makes your skin glow. That’s right, those scars, fine lines and acne marks will vanish. Bonus: your face will feel freshly hydrated!

fullsizerender-8If you’re anything like me, you prefer…

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Cosmetic ingredients to avoid at all costs


Do you purchase cosmetics without reading the label? shutterstock_156860642

It is estimated that a woman applies an average of 168 chemicals to her body daily. It is not the individual, small amounts of each industrially produced synthetic chemical we should be concerned about, but rather the cumulative and combined effects, over time of these chemicals. The amassed absorption of these ingredients in our blood stream can cause grave consequences. From infertility, to changing hormones, to early onset puberty, allergies, and yes, even certain types of cancer. Is your health a priority for you? Are you influenced so much by the media that you purchase blindly without ever researching what might be best for YOU?

We are constantly bombarded with adverts presenting images of what we “should’ look like, or information on social networks and magazines of what we can do to “change” how we look . Little is said about what…

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A simple solution to healthier hair (it’s not what you’re thinking…)

Most women take great care of their hair. We shampoo it with the best shampoos and conditioners on the market, we apply natural oils to retain suppleness and shine....and then, what do we do? Where do we end up lacking the most?  We soon realize that beauty DOES come from within. I'm not talking about … Continue reading A simple solution to healthier hair (it’s not what you’re thinking…)

Think happy. Be happy. The secret to a more beautiful you….oh ya…there’s more

Did you know that thinking happy thoughts can make you look more beautiful? A positive outlook on life CAN reduce your frown and your wrinkles, it CAN add a spark to your smile and a twinkle to your eyes. Learning to be happy within yourself, having an optimistic nature will not only help with that … Continue reading Think happy. Be happy. The secret to a more beautiful you….oh ya…there’s more

A #didyouknow moment about Green Tea


#Didyouknow that every type of tea, except herbal tea, is brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush?
It is the level of oxidation of the leaves that determines the type of tea…green, white, black…. camellia_sinensis_-_kohler-s_medizinal-pflanzen-025

#Didyouknow there are over 100 varieties of Green Teas produced in China alone?
When we think of green tea we are generally only talking about the basic green teas we find at the supermarket…not even knowing or considering where they come from. We purchase and drink these “teas” blindly and don’t ask questions.

 But there is truly so much more to know…

  • Where does the tea come from?
  • Is it good quality tea?
  • How is the tea manufactured?
  • Is it a “clean” tea NOT contaminated by runoff waters and pesticides?
  • What are the different green teas available on the market?

This is what you should know before purchasing a Green Tea

Green tea is…

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Confessions of an insomniac…5 best practices to fall asleep and stay asleep


I am finally able to lay down my head hoping to hear Morpheus’ sweet music in my ears.  I mean, why not? I am exhausted from all of the day’s activities and nothing would make my body happier than a good night’s rest. But what comes next brings me to tears.

The past few weeks have been a little tough, to say the least. Coming from a hectic summer schedule and heading into an even more treacherous September can surely get the better of you.  Sometimes you look forward to the end of the day just so you can lay your head down on a soft pillow. My brain was not having any of it!

I knew sleep was essential to a healthy functioning body…I was now on a mission. 

It took me 3 weeks to get be back into “fall mode”. I believe the hardest part is knowing your…

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An herbal supplement we just might need, here’s why…

  It seems we are introduced to a new and effective "miracle" plant on a weekly basis. But what if this one is different from others, what if this one truly works? When I first discovered this plant I was intrigued by the studies...what do they say? Caralluma fimbriata is a member of the cactus … Continue reading An herbal supplement we just might need, here’s why…