these 3 crucial skincare habits will make all the difference….

We are constantly searching for the next big fad to improve the appearance of our skin. We already do so much…what else can we do? Well, let’s see….

Our face muscles need attention too

After a night’s sleep our face can look pale and puffy due to a general system slow down over night. After your daily morning cleansing routine take the time to apply your moisturizer with a gentle tapping  massage to waken up the lymphatic system  and give your circulation a jumpstart.  This can leave your complexion revitalized and wrinkles and lines less visible. Do this daily!


Do you know green tea is not only great to drink thanks to its rich polyphenol levels but it can also be applied as a compress to swollen eyes!   herbal-tea-1410565_1920

You can use a cotton ball dipped in green tea brew and dab gently around the eyes. This will help tighten skin. You don’t need to brew fresh green tea everyday to do this. Simply pour some in a small glass container and leave it in your washroom for easier access. It should be replaced a couple of times a week.

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pexels-photo-412302.jpegEvery time skin rejuvenation is discussed the conversation tends to be limited to face and neck. We often neglect other parts of our body like the lipshandslegs and feet... and yes… the bust!

The chest area cannot be neglected, and we see signs of this quite early on. Without the addition of exfoliation and a moisturizer the skin in this area can become crepe-like and show your age ! An amazing alternative to daily mositurizer in this area is the tsubaki oil! You can read a post I wrote about it here...but do try it! tsubaki

A gentle lip scrub you can make at home is with brown sugar and jojoba or olive oil. You can massage this blend gently over the lips for a 2-3 minutes to remove dead skin cells.

You can than moisturize the lips with an all natural salve or lip balm, but they will already feel moisturized thanks to the nature derived hydrating properties of the oils. You should also avoid licking your lips often, especially in winter. Carry a good quality all-natural butter with you and apply it as often as needed. 


I find that our hands are truly the biggest telltale sign of aging. As I said before, protection is essential. Use gloves during winter, but more importantly use gloves when you do house chores. The harsh chemicals and contact with water will dry out both your skin and nails, making your nails appear brittle. treatment-finger-keep-hand-161477

A simple remedy is applying an all-natural moisturizer daily, but if once or twice a month you can slop it on before bedtime, and cover your hands with cotton gloves… what a reward you’ll get when you wake up the next morning!

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 Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!

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