A Luxurious And Affordable Skincare Combo To Fight Dry Winter Skin

It is mid-winter and nothing is more telling of this season than your skin’s appearance. You scratch itchy patches, your skin is blotchy and dry…..and your lips!

Unfortunately, it’s not only about DNA. The harsh climate, whether too hot or too cold, Untitled design (2)exposed to sun or wind, has a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels.

As with your health, prevention is essential in limiting symptoms caused by extreme whether. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and shells you in your entirety….why are you taking it for granted?

Protecting and moisturizing skin are 2 mandatory steps in the fight against a dry and blotchy appearance. Just as important however are the products you choose. If you follow us regularly you already know we advocate for clean living, and that means limiting the use of chemically laced products on your skin and in your household.

We also understand there has to be a first step, so why not begin with a natural skincare solution that nourishes and protects your skin?

For Your Face

The highly moisturizing Argan Nourishing Facial Cream is a must-have in your daily routine.


Argan Nourishing Facial Cream

Made with some of the highest grade ingredients available,  Argan Nourishing Facial Cream is enriched with Vitamin E and the hydrating virtues of the purest 100% Moroccan Oil and Jojoba Oil. Guess what? It also contains the delicate yet nourishing benefits of the aloe plant to help ease dry and rough patches, what we call “repair action”.

For Your Body

When really nothing else will do, and if you dislike the oily and sticky feeling of heavy creams, the Hydra Zone Luxurious Body Butter, is a true wonder for anyone suffering woman-legs-relaxation-beautyfrom extremely dry skin and skin ailments. Its rich and highly absorbent texture will ease dry skin patches caused by eczema and psoriasis. This unscented formulation is ideal for all ages, including baby’s delicate skin.

If you need additional and continuous support during the day, we’ve come up with a clever one….. solid body butters you can take with you everywhere. The Hydrating Body Chapsticks are ideal for dry cheeks, as well as smaller spots on the body. They are easy to throw in a bag, bring to the gym, or have your little one apply it himself!

For Your Hands And Nails

Although most people take care of their face, often they neglect their hands and nails. That’s a big no no because hands show their age more quickly than the face, and sometimes actually appear older than your real age! Also, well kept hands and nails are as sign that you care about your appearance, and more importantly yourself. The first thing you should do is protect them. Next step? Moisturize.

mittens-1177211_1920This Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion is perfect for this purpose, as it is a light and nourishing moisturizer made from all-natural oils and butters. This unscented formulation is enriched with Vitamin E and Japanese green tea extracts, and easily glides onto the skin without weighing it down. Its nature derived ingredients will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.

But maybe you need something extra? 

Combining the Cura Curative Salve  to the Vitamin E lotion will step-up your game! A small and practical packaging will ensure you have it with you anywhere you go. It can easily be applied to cuticles, and massaged on nails for ultimate nourishment.

Don’t Fear!

So don’t fear, Ingenium Naturals products are her! Always 100% natural and 0% toxic. Vegan, cruelty free and made in Canada.

You can purchase any product from the Ingenium Naturals Wellness and Beauty on-line store with a 20% reduction on you entire purchase.



Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!

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