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We know how difficult it is for men to choose the right gifts for women. Whether you are a mom, a daughter, girlfriend or a wife, the man in you life doesn’t always get it right….

woman-legs-relaxation-beautyWhy don’t you spoil yourself?

No matter what you receive from your man this holiday season, you know there is always that one thing you want you do not receive. It could be YOU may not know exactly  what that is. You do know however that if there IS anything missing under the tree it is something that can help you feel better about yourself.

The right skincare for your unique needs

We also understand how difficult it is to choose beauty and skin care products for another person, so let’s cut the men some slack. You are the best advocate for your skin and wellness, so YOU have to take action.

The products selected for the Ingenium Naturals Essential Value Packs are made with all-natural ingredients and are gentle on skin. We have chosen products we know work well together so you don’t have to! 

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1. Options for women over 30 face-2722712_1920.jpg

The Rejuva Line Rejuvenating Essentials Value Pack 

The Rejuva Line Rejuvenating Essentials provides your skin with the numerous virtues of the papaya plant. The rejuvenating products in this line will gently and naturally lighten skin while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

The antioxidant power and natural oils, combined with the addition of Vitamin C and E, will leave your skin feeling luxuriously pampered and protected from the harsh daily challenges our skin is subjected to daily.

All of our Rejuva Line products are made with all-natural papaya extracts for an anti-ageing and rejuvenating effect.

The Luxury Facial Essentials

The 3 precious products in the Luxury Facial Essentials will leave your skin feeling smooth by improving skin texture and naturally protect from the damaging effects of daily pollutants and UV-Rays.   B0678386-2ECB-4C7A-9EA5-03040FBA657A

This value pack includes:

FaciLift Serum
Vita-C Serum
Hydra Rose Face Oil

The ultralight weight of the serums combined with the silky smoothness of the Hydra Rose Face Oil, will leave your skin with a natural glow and help visibly reduce the appearance of signs of ageing.

2. For dry sensitive skin that needs some extra help

The Eczema Care Pack includes 3 deeply moisturizing products for your body, made with natural ingredients ideal for the entire family.

Eczema Care Pack


The Eczema Care Pack has been conceived to provide relief from extremely dry skin, and skin prone to eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, as well as for generally itchy skin.

This value pack includes:

Hydra Zone Plus Body Butter
Delicate Karité All-Natural Soap
CuraTif Body Salve

3. Hand and nails deserve some love too!

Hands and Nails Essentials

Our luxury hand and nail essentials package combines 3 outstanding products aimed at strengthening and hydrating nails and ensuring soft and well nourished skin.

This value pack includes:
Mélodie Hand and Body Lotion         treatment-finger-keep-hand-161477
Cura Curative Salve
Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

 save 30% on your entire purchase with coupon code “cybernaturals30” between nov 23-28


4. 100% natural beauty bars for all skin care needs

Luxury Soap Essentials                                                                                 

The Luxury Soap Essentials pack includes five of our most popular and versatile all-natural soaps. Whether you want to moisturize, detox or just smell wonderful, these precious vegan soaps will do the trick! IMG_0849

This value pack includes:
Babassu All-Natural Soap
Calendula Satiné All-Natural Soap
Vita-C Bar All-Natural Soap
Opulence All-Natural Soap
Purifying Seaweed All-Natural Soap

5. A touch of aromatherapy for your wellness

Essential Oils Must Haves 

These 5 pure essential oils are all you will need to start your essential oils home kit!

Also an ideal gift for someone who has a love of aromatherapy and is interested in trying natural health alternatives essentialoilspack

This value pack includes:
Peppermint Pure Essential
Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil
Oregano Pure Essential Oil
Frankincense Pure Essential Oil
Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Essential Oils 3’cs

Each of these pure essential oils can benefit and support a healthy life in its own individual way. Whether you are looking for something to sooth you at the end of a hard day, or help with minor aches and pains naturally, one or all of these will be right for you.

This value pack includes:
Pure (Roman) Chamomile Essential Oil
Pure Clary Sage Essential Oil
Pure Clove Essential OIl

All of these products are made with all-natural, botanically sourced ingredients, you will be sure to love!

6. Luxury Wellness Teas for everyone

Luxury Tea or Wellness Herbal Blends

wellnessmix.jpgDo you need to wind down at the end of the night, or perhaps a sustainable caffeinated tea to start your morning? Perhaps you’re a matcha lover?

The Ingenium Naturals tea selections include high quality teas and tisanes for everyone’s  tastes and are truly 100% natural with NO artificial colors are flavours.


Did you know you can save 30% on your entire purchase with coupon code “cybernaturals30” from nov 23-28?

7. While you’re at it buy HIM something too

IMG_0197.JPGThe Maestro Men’s Essentials is a combination of luxury, all-natural products the man in your life will learn to love. Teach him he needs to take care of himself as well!

This value pack includes:
Maestro Grooming Oil
SensiCream Facial Hydrating Cream
Sensi-Tonic Mist
Royal Mowrah All-Natural Soap
Vitamin E Natural Lip Conditioner

We hope you take advantage of the amazing cyber weekend sales!

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Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!

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