5 simple remedies for better looking skin

Women over 30 are often already searching for solutions to younger looking skin. Skincare posts mostly aim at instructing readers on how to achieve this, with tempting headlines like, “how to look younger in 3 days”, or “the miracle cream you will not regret buying”. Although these can be legitimate ways of providing information and selling skincare products, the suggestions provided may not always be practical, nor will they always be adrollweb4affordable.

How about some simple DIY remedies , with ingredients you probably already have at home? Perhaps with the addition of a natural skincare product here and there?

1. Start with pampering your facial muscles

We often neglect our facial muscles, and assume that serums or facial creams are enough to help prevent signs of aging. Although there are excellent and effective serums that help slow down the process, there is more you should be doing.

After a night’s sleep the face will often look pale and puffy due to a general system slow down over night.

Following your daily morning cleansing routine take the time to apply your moisturizer with a gentle tapping  massage to wake up the lymphatic system , and give your shutterstock_165759032 (3).jpgcirculation a jump-start.  This can leave your complexion revitalized and wrinkles and fine lines less visible. Facial massage is also a very effective way to encourage the development of natural collagen in your skin, which will allow to keep your skin firm and more elastic over time.

Facial massages that stimulate the lymphatic system and support blood circulation are also an ideal way to free toxins accumulated in your skin and ensure your skin gets a fresh start everyday.

 2. Green tea is not just a drink

Featured Image -- 4226Did you know green tea is not only healthy to drink thanks to its rich polyphenol levels but it can also be applied as a compress to swollen eyes? Although you are not drinking the tea in this case,  always make sure the tea you are applying onto your skin and eyes is free of pesticides. 

This is what you do….You can use a cotton ball dipped in green tea brew and dab gently around the eyes. This will help tighten skin. You don’t need to brew fresh green tea everyday to do this, simply pour some in a small glass container and leave it in your washroom for easier access. It should be replaced a couple of times a week.

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3.  Don’t neglect the decolleté

pexels-photo-14104.jpegEvery time skin rejuvenation is discussed the conversation tends to be limited to the facial area.  We often neglect other parts of the body like the lipshandslegs and feet… and yes… the neck and the bust.

Consistency is essential. How often do we see women with beautiful facial skin, but wrinkly necks?

The chest area cannot be neglected, and we see signs of aging  in these areas quite early on. Without the addition of exfoliation and a moisturizer the neck and chest areas can become crepe-like and age more quickly than the face!

This is the routine to stick with…

  • cleanse thoroughly   B0678386-2ECB-4C7A-9EA5-03040FBA657A
  • exfoliate regularly
  • mositurize daily
  • repeat

If want to try an alternative to the beauty creams, an all natural option can be a face oil  to massage face, neck and chest with.

The options below are 100% natural 0% toxic and generally safe for all skin types:    Tsubaki

4. pucker up!

We obviously cannot forget the lips, especially in extreme weather.

Fine lines around the lips are a sign that you are not taking care of your skin as you should. The main issue, is that lips, unlike the skin on our body, do not have natural protection; lips lack oil glands as well as melanin, and this is why they often feel dry and can sunburn more easily. Exfoliating lips is also very important in order to allow care products to penetrate more effectively.

lipscrubA homemade lip scrub, made with edible ingredients, is a perfect solution for lip exfoliation. You will need only 2 ingredients…

  • brown sugar
  • pure jojoba (option to use olive or coconut oils)
  • massage this blend gently over the lips for a 2-3 minutes to remove dead skin cells
  • next step….hydration!

The oils referred to above are good choices for lip hydration as they do not contain chemicals or preservatives, and are harmless if absorbed through the mouth.

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5. Do our hands and nails betray us?

Our hands are truly the biggest telltale sign of aging, and we often underestimate how important it is to protect them.

healthy-nailsHow to protect your hands and nails:

  • using gloves during winter is the first step
  • applying a mineral sunscreen to hands is just as important
  • also use gloves during house chores to avoid contact with harsh chemicals
  • apply an all-natural moisturizer daily
  • make a hand mask by covering your hands with a rich natural oil or body butter and add cotton gloves and leave over night… wow what a reward you’ll get when you wake up the next morning.

As with any wellness and beauty routine, repetition and consistency are key. Using simple solutions and natural products you may already have in your cupboard, or that are affordable and effective, will certainly increase chances of obtaining better results over time. So whether it is the face, the chest or the hands, make sure you are not neglecting the telltale signs which make skin appear older than you actually are!

Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!

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