Why more skincare companies should be adding citrus essential oils to their products…

An increasing number of skincare companies have discovered the natural benefits of adding essential oils to skincare products.

fruit-slices.jpgWe see skincare creams with a variety of essential oils, but most often, the limited percentage of the oils, mixed in with a myriad of other ingredients and chemical fillers and additives, greatly diminish the effects of these oils.

The first step all consumers must abide to is to read the labels. You can read a previous post on the ingredients to avoid when purchasing quality skincare here. The synergy between the ingredients and their combined and individual effects on skin is equally important.

What about citrus essential oils in skincare? citrus.jpg

We are all aware of the virtues of the vitamin rich citrus fruits when we add them to our daily diets. Studies have been commissioned and citrus fruit is strongly recommended for numerous health reasons.

But will citrus oils have similar effects on the health of our skin as the citrus fruits has on our general health?

Thanks to its liomene content, citrus oils have that refreshing and reassuring “citrusy” scent we are all familiar with. That scent that instantly puts us in a good mood as soon as we get a whiff of it. Therefore it is no surprise that the use of these oils has therapeutic effects for our mood as well.

Why use them in skincare?

Citrus oils are extracts of grapefruit, lemons, limes, mandarins, oranges and tangerines. The essential oils are extracted (cold-pressed) from the rind or skin of the fruit.

Bloggers-of-Canada-Stock-Photo-4Citrus oils have been known for:

  • increasing the lustre and glow of skin
  • their astringent and detoxifying nature
  • rejuvenating and “uplifting” tired looking skin
  • treating pimples and certain skin disorders
  • lightening skin and dark spots (scarring)
  • highly absorbent and penetrating virtues when combined with other natural oils or butters

It is for the above reasons that the Ingenium Naturals Revita Purifying Facial Cream and the Revita-Net Purifying Facial Cleanser, have had such a great success among customers.

The mix of 100% pure essential oils, jojoba oils and aloe butter, along with the vitamin C and E complex, aid in providing and retaining skin moisture, while reducing the appearance of age spots.


Revita Purifying Cream with Citrus Extracts

A misconception about citrus essential oils is they contain vitamins, such as vitamin C.

Vitamins are either fat/lipid soluble or water soluble. Since essential oils do not contain water or fat/lipid, they would not be able to ‘hold’ vitamins within them and so would not serve as necessary dietary vitamins, nor contain vitamins that would be absorbed through the skin.

It is for this purpose that often, Vitamin C or E is added to these creams, or that the addition of a Vitamin C Serum is recommended.


Vita-C Luminous Serum

The Ingenium Naturals Vita-C Luminous Serum is a natural multi-functional serum which thanks to its 18% vitamin C concentrate performs as an exfoliate, an anti-oxidant, and skin brightening agent. With anti-aging properties, this serum helps with the reduction of dark spots, secures moisture and provides a youthful looking skin by improving its moisture content. Contains natural fruit extracts and hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin.

With all these benefits, it is no surprise we are seeing an increasing amount of skincare products with citrus extracts and citrus essential oils on the market.

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Live well! Live Healthy! Enjoy the Journey!

Note: due to photo-sensitivity, citrus essential oils should not be used “neat” in direct sunlight, and are not indicated for sensitive skin types.

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