Is your wellness routine in-line with the goals you are setting for your skincare?

For most women, wrinkles are not the only sign of aging. As a matter of fact, most often, and after the age of 30, skin slowly and gradually begins to take on a mat, greyish look, in desperate need of additional moisture and shine.  We now know we must begin taking care of our skin early on in our lives to be able to prevent signs of aging, but are we doing everything we could and should be doing?

Is our overall wellness routine in-line with

the goals we are setting for the health of our skin?

The first step is understanding how your skin works… and what its life support is.

The first thing we need to understand is that free radicals are our enemy! They are basically unstable oxygen molecules that attach to other body cells and break them down.
Collagen is very susceptible to free radicals as its structure becomes less mobile once the free radicals have interfered with it. This being said, everything we do should be to fight free radicals and protect our skin from their damaging effects. This occurs all over our body.
Clearly, the main causes of your skin aging are bad habits. Sure, genetics and of course our age do have much to do with our skin looking older, but an essential factor we CAN fix are our bad habits.

creamonskin_sunIf you are not following these simple rules your skincare routine will be pointless

We can surely apply luxury skincare creams to prevent signs of aging, and ensure a slower aging process for our skin. There are however certain rules we should be following to help us in the process.

•limit sun exposure 
•avoid excessive drinking and do not smoke
•cleanse your skin thoroughly every day
as environmental pollution will accelerate signs of aging
•detox your body regularly
eat food high in antioxidants and H20
•de-stress and meditate

•get a good night’s sleep

Once you’ve accepted the fact that your overall wellness routine has to be aligned with the goals you are setting for your skincare, then you can begin to fight the free radicals that cause your skin and your body to age prematurely.

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Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the Journey!