What your health conscious mom wants for Mother’s Day!

As mothers we have a pretty good idea of what we would like to receive as a Mother’s Day Gift, as a daughter or son, or even partner, it is sometimes more difficult to make that decision.

One thing is certain, for the most part, women will always be happy to receive quality skin care products, or certainly items that will benefit their well-being.

Purchasing skin care and body products can actually be quite easy, but if you want to buy HER something that will not harm her health and is free of all the nasty things the large commercial skin care lines contain, you will have to do your homework.

I wanted to simply things for you a little and provide some premium natural options for your MOM!

  1. For mom who has dry skin, a great all over body solution.

The 3 luxury products included in the Intense Hydration Body Essentials are perfect for all skin types, and more specifically for dry skin coming out of winter and prepping for the summer sun.

Royal Mowrah All-Natural Soap mothers day 4
Hydra Zone Body Butter
Karité Body Butter Stick

The combination of these three essentials is also ideal for relieving extremely dry patches due to skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and urticaria.

2. For mom who loves to take care of her hair, 3 product she will adore!

The Care for Your hair Essentials include a luxury shampoo and conditioner fortified with the moisture binding ability of the nature derived botanical keratin, as well as a bottle of pure 100% Argan Oil.
mothers day 2.jpgThe products are formulated to restore strength, body, and suppleness to weakened and damaged hair. Used daily they hydrate to restore hair make-up, allowing for stronger hair, more resistant to the natural and unnatural stress we subject our tresses to daily.

The Value Pack includes: Phytokeratin Nourishing Shampoo, a Phytokeratin Nourishing Conditioner, and a Pure 100% Argan Oil

Also enriched with Pro Vitamin B, all natural vegetable extracts, and essential oils, these SLS FREE products will provide a soothing and tingling experience! Infused with lavender bergamot, tea tree & peppermint.

3. For mom who always wants to look youthful and glowing!

 Rejuva Line Rejuvenation Skincare Essentials

The Rejuva Line Rejuvenating Essentials provide skin with the numerous virtues of the papaya plant. The rejuvenating products in this line will gently and naturally lighten skin while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

The antioxidant power and natural oils, combined with the addition of Vitamin C and E, will leave your skin feeling luxuriously pampered and protected from the harsh daily challenges our skin is subjected to daily. mothers day 3

Mom is sure to love these…especially if she is over 40!

Rejuva-Net Papaya Cleanser    
Rejuva-Net Papay Exfoliate
Rejuva Papaya Cream

4. For mom you loves to take care of her skin in the most natural way possible.

The Sensi Line Sensitive Skincare Essentials includes 4 all-natural unscented products to hydrate and nourish skin. These unscented skin care solutions provide ultimate protection and naturally support the regeneration of skin cells.

Sensi-Net Cleanser mothers day 1
Sensi-Net Exfolaite
Sensi-Net Tonic
Sensi Cream Hydrating Facial Cream



5. For mom who loves to relax with a nice cup of all natural Wellness Teas.

You are not sure she will like the skin care option? Well how about premium quality teas she will be sure to enjoy? Not only are each of these teas highly beneficial for her overall wellness, the natural sweetness of herbs and flower petals will surely ensure pure bliss!

Wellness Tranquillity Blend mothers day 7.jpg

Wellness Energizing Blend

Wellness Digestion Blend 

Other tea options include green, matchas, white, and black teas, all of premium quality and sourced from around the world by trusted partners.

Give her the best

Searching for the right gift is definitely not easy. Ensuring you are purchasing  high quality, pure, vegan, and cruelty free can certainly be an added bonus and proof of how much you care about HER and the planet.



Live well! Live Healthy! Enjoy the Journey!

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