The anti-aging properties of mushroom extracts and youthful looking skin

Across my lifetime I have not found many people who love mushrooms. Perhaps it’s their earthy, herbaceous taste, or their slightly slimy and gummy texture….not sure.  One thing is certain they are packed with health benefits that should not be ignored. 

Rather than venturing into a post about eating more mushrooms to improve your health, this post is rather about the use of different mushroom extracts in skincare and how they can benefit cell renewal and slow down signs of aging of the skin.

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Thousands of mushroom types have been discovered, so you can only imagine the potential. With continued research in plant- based solutions for our skin we can both understand and benefit from the potential.

Many ancient civilizations used mushrooms not only for food, but for their healing powers as well. They contain polysaccahrides which appear to be responsible for mushroom’s immune building powers.

More so, topical applications of a variety of mushrooms, such as shiitake, maitake and mannentake shutterstock_165759032-3(reishi) are often used thanks to:

their antioxidant  contents and anti-inflammatory properties.

These virtues not only help reduce general inflammation of the skin and increase elasticity, but also help fight the free radicals responsible f or signs of aging, and wrinkles on the skin. 

In addition, many mushrooms also contain kojic acid, often used as a skin lightener in the reduction of sun and dark spots due to aging. It is an excellent alternative to chemical skin lighteners that when used too often, or in large quantities can actually do much more harm than good.

If we take the Skitake mushroom for example, its L-ergothioneine antioxidant component, naturally helps prevent the breakdown of skin cells and provides gentle exfoliation for the skin. They also have a high content of kojic acid, which as I mentioned, is a true nature-derived skin brightener, ideal to use against sun spots , as well as acne scars. You can read more about the study here.

reishi-extractThe Mannentake (reishi mushroom) has also been scientifically proven to increase elasticity and improve skin defences thanks to the Ling Zhi 8-protein and Ganodermic acid in the fungi.

Fortunately we do not have to necessarily eat mushrooms to benefit from their rich and virtuous properties!

facilift-front-webThe Ingenium Naturals FaciLift Antiaging Serum  contains premium extracts from the Shitake and the Reishi mushrooms, and provides all of the benefits I mentioned, as well as a general healthier glow for all skin types.

You can add this serum to your regular moisturising facial cream, or apply it before.

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With over 150,000 types of mushrooms discovered so far the possibilities of research continuing to find solutions and applying the results to skincare truly seem to be endless.

Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!

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