Cosmetic ingredients to avoid at all costs


Do you purchase cosmetics without reading the label? shutterstock_156860642

It is estimated that a woman applies an average of 168 chemicals to her body daily. It is not the individual, small amounts of each industrially produced synthetic chemical we should be concerned about, but rather the cumulative and combined effects, over time of these chemicals. The amassed absorption of these ingredients in our blood stream can cause grave consequences. From infertility, to changing hormones, to early onset puberty, allergies, and yes, even certain types of cancer. Is your health a priority for you? Are you influenced so much by the media that you purchase blindly without ever researching what might be best for YOU?

We are constantly bombarded with adverts presenting images of what we “should’ look like, or information on social networks and magazines of what we can do to “change” how we look . Little is said about what…

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