A #didyouknow moment about Green Tea


#Didyouknow that every type of tea, except herbal tea, is brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush?
It is the level of oxidation of the leaves that determines the type of tea…green, white, black…. camellia_sinensis_-_kohler-s_medizinal-pflanzen-025

#Didyouknow there are over 100 varieties of Green Teas produced in China alone?
When we think of green tea we are generally only talking about the basic green teas we find at the supermarket…not even knowing or considering where they come from. We purchase and drink these “teas” blindly and don’t ask questions.

 But there is truly so much more to know…

  • Where does the tea come from?
  • Is it good quality tea?
  • How is the tea manufactured?
  • Is it a “clean” tea NOT contaminated by runoff waters and pesticides?
  • What are the different green teas available on the market?

This is what you should know before purchasing a Green Tea

Green tea is…

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