Resolve to be a better version of yourself…that’s the real resolution for 2017! This is how.

We recently posted a request to share your New Years resolution with us on our @ingeniumnaturals Instagram account. Although the posts are still receiving hundreds of likes, of perhaps people secretly having one but not necessarily sharing their resolution, we also received comments from dozens of women sharing their resolutions with our community.

The majority would like to be more beautiful, with or without make-up. Others mentioned they would like to make better choices when it comes to the food they eat and their health.

Although I do not know the ages of the account holders, I was able to tell they varied quite a lot. Perhaps from 16 through 50 or so…but yet the goals were similar. 

This leads me to understand there will always be an underling dissatisfaction about how we look, or how hard we are on ourselves when it comes to our image. It also tells me that as we get older we will continuously be striving to make better choices…and this throughout our adult lives.

The question I ask myself is…

Is it because we will never be satisfied with who we are or is it because we set ourselves up to fail, time and time again?

It’s a very difficult question to answer, and analysing the question and the answer will bring into play philosophical concepts we cannot begin to answer on this blog…but it is certainly a question that makes wonder isn’t it? Happiness-wp-2

I believe it is a bit of both, and I also believe that we, as individuals, are not completely at fault. We are constantly comparing ourselves to the women we see in the media. We know this is wrong, we know they are very rarely natural beauties, but we still do it. It’s impossible not to.

But what if we just started comparing ourselves to the person we were last year? And do the same year after year? What if we finally decided to resolve to be a better version of ourselves?

Going back to what our Instagram followers most resolved to achieve in 2017…

♠ Being more beautiful

♠ Making better choices for our overall wellness

What if I told you that not only are these goals interrelated, but that they are also entirely achievable?

Making better health choices for ourselves has got to start NOW. Yes, certainly food is a temptation for all of us…after-all, it is our lifeline right? And it is precisely for this reason that we MUST choose wisely when it comes to what we put into our bodies…OUR.LIFE.LINE.

greensmoothieAn excellent way to begin is with removing the toxins we have accumulated over time, while at the same time….

1. ensuring we don’t continue to ingest or

2. continue apply

…..chemically laced anything into or onto our bodies.

There are several ways we can achieve this, and in fact I posted 2 articles on how we can do this in THESKINUREIN Blog in past.

Adding a simple, and clean nutritional supplement such as a Chlorella Extract can definitely give you a boost in the right direction. Getting rid of toxins will lead to improved overall wellness, and in turn, clearer and healthier  looking skin. Although smoothies can be an ideal method, we often don’t even have time to prepare them right? Add then a high quality encapsulated supplement like this one.

You can access the full post on detox suggestions by clicking on the link below.

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What other simple choices can we make to improve our overall wellness?img_0200

It is estimated that a woman applies an average of 168 chemicals to her body daily. It is not the individual, small amounts of each industrially produced synthetic chemical we should be concerned about, but rather the cumulative and combined effects, over time of these chemicals. The amassed absorption of these ingredients in our blood stream can cause grave consequences. From infertility, to changing hormones, to early onset puberty, allergies, and yes, even certain types of cancer. Is your health a priority for you? Are you influenced so much by the media that you purchase blindly without ever researching what might be best for YOU?

Read your product labels today!

Literally throw away any product among the ones you own that contain anyone of the following ingredients….The Beauty Heroes website defines the following ingredients as “The Villains”

♦ Bha/ Butylated Hydroxyanisole  ♦Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl-paraben ♦Cetreareth glycol   ♦Peg / polyethylene glycol (over 900 of these exist)   ♦Cocamide deal ♦Quaternium-15   ♦Diazolidinyl urea   ♦Resorcinol  ♦Dibutil phthalat   ♦Soudium Laurel Sulfate   ♦DMDM Hydantoin   ♦Oxybenzone   ♦Hydroquinone   ♦Talc   ♦Imidazolidinylaurea ♦Toluene   ♦Methylisothiazonlinone   ♦Triclosan   ♦Mineral Oil   ♦Triethanolamine

To read more about what to avoid click on the link below.

Post about “Cosmetic ingredients to avoid at all costs” 

If there is truly one thing we can do to begin on a healthy note for 2017 is….

drink more tea . This one, simple act can improve your wellness efforts tremendously and help boost results you thought to be stagnant! Drink green tea, oolong or matcha…the choice is yours…but start today!

To discover premium high quality teas and wellness herbal blends click here. Use promo code: Blog15% to receive an immediate 15% off on your purchase.


Here is the full blog post with tea suggestions for your health needs!

An essential thing to remember however is that every decision, every step, everything we do will push us forward in out journey of becoming better versions of who we were last year, or the year before that. Good results are the combined synergy of all of our actions.

Everything we do, everyday, will not only reflect on our wellness and general health, but our external beauty as well. Making the right choices will allow us to feel better, be more confident, feel and be more beautiful!

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Live well! Live Healthy! Enjoy the Journey!