This is what you should buy him this holiday season!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult buying gifts for the man in your life… I can very much empathize with this! Whether it’s your father, boyfriend, brother or husband.. most men seem to be fascinated by gadgets and tools… tech products, which they would actually prefer purchasing for themselves! So what is a personalized alternative for this holiday season? 

Have you thought of skin care products? neemproducts

Seriously. An increasing  number of men are spending more time than women on their daily skin and grooming routines. Whether they feel the need to keep up with the times, or whether they are genuinely interested in looking and smelling great… men are spending almost the same time in front of the mirror as their female counterparts.

They are loving facial and grooming oils, natural soap bars and lip care, aftershave toning mists, mositurizing creams….

At the same time, it is very important that we educate our men in choosing the right products for their needs. As well as effective, quality all-natural products they can appreciate. 

fullsizerender-10By bye Aqua Velva, hello grooming oil!

Bye bye chemically filled aftershave, hello all-natural misting toners! 

It’s no surprise that men become conscious of the need for skin care products in their 30’s… and as with other trends, Europeans lead the way by spending an average of about 150$ a month (including makeup and spa treatments).

According to a British survey conducted by the Daily Mail, British men are willing to spend up to 75$ on a moisturizing cream compared to most women who are only willing to spend on average 25$…

If the men you know don’t use any products they are then part of the 54% that according to a poll by the Huffington Post have yet to be swayed….so why not try? He might love the alternative! 

So whether the man in your life is a skin care buff or not, gifting him skincare products can be a unique and surprising gift you will both appreciate!


We know how difficult the selection of products can be, so we can suggest this unique combination of everything your man might need…with an incredible offer coming up for Black Friday weekend. Use coupon code “happynovember” between nov 24-28 and immediately receive 40% off your purchases.

All of Ingenium Naturals skincare products are a natural, vegan, chemical free alternative to many of the commercial brands out on the market; and while you are there…why not pick something up for yourself as well!


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Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!