You might want to throw away your supplements after reading this….


If you are like me, you are always looking for the next best thing  to support your journey towards better health. Whether it’s a new workout routine, an essential oil, or a natural supplement….. choosing the right combination unique to your needs will make a huge difference in the results.

If you follow this blog you already know how often I highlight the importance of the ingredients that go into anything you will put on your skin or decide to ingest!

After all, the purpose is to improve what you are already doing for yourself and reaping ultimate benefits from the products you choose without having to worry about what companies are adding to simplify their manufacturing processes. A very selfish thing to do on their end if I might add!

But why do so many supplement manufactures add excipients to products and supplements?

Let’s face it, for many manufactures it is all about profit, and how inexpensively and quickly they are able to produce supplements to introduce to the retail markets. In doing so they are not keeping the consumers’ interests in mind as much as they are their own.

Using certain ingredients reduces costs and the final sales price of the supplement… but would you really rather save 1$ or 2$ on a supplement knowing it contains an ingredient that really does not need to be there and that can potentially harm you?

I am not even going to bother entering the argument of artificial flavours and colors  that can be classified as “natural” in this respect. That’s an entirely other blog post…

magnesiumstearateI want to focus on 2 other potentially hazardous ingredients…..Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

What I learned during my research is that companies who sell health supplements containing these 2 ingredients will tell you they are necessary to improve production in their manufacturing plants and to increase absorption of the active ingredients of the supplement into our bodies.

Funny…. if this is the case then why are so many serious manufactures moving away from processes that require these 2 ingredients in the formulations?

Here is what you need to know

Magnesium Stearate is considered a “flow agent” due to its lubricating properties  The description is in the words themselves of course, with a purpose of keeping the ingredients from sticking to the machinery during the production process.

It is  formed by adding magnesium iron to stearic acid... and it’s the stearic acid I would like to look at more specifically.

Stearic acid has been proven to:

♦suppress T cells in our bodies

These cells are responsible for making our immune system what it is. This particular study shows the T cell’s membrane breaking down depending on release time  and dose. Once the cell membrane breaks down, it can also destroy the cell function of course, and reduce the capability for our bodies to fight off disease.

♦ is commonly sourced from hydrogenated oils like cotton seed.

Besides the fact that this plant is often times genetically engineered, it also tends to have very high levels of pesticides. This is obviously a huge issue and of particular importance if you are doing your best to lead a clean life and trying your best  to make the right choices for your overall health.

The second potentially harmful ingredient I want to tell you about is Microcrystalline Cellulose.

To put it in layman’s terms… sawdust!

microcrystalline-cellulose-chemicalThis filler is added to a huge number of vitamins, supplements and medications.

♦ In some cases, it has actually been connected to a decrease in the efficiency of active ingredients in a formulation.

Why would you want to add a filler to a supplement when it may considerable reduce the efficiency of the supplement you are taking? 

♦ It has also been proven to reduce energy levels in individuals.

So if you are taking a supplement aimed at increasing your energy levels and it contains microcrystalline cellulose….well, you draw a conclusion…

♦ This filler has also been known to cause allergic reactions leading to increased bowel movements and diarrhoea.


What you SHOULD look for in a supplement 

Any high quality supplement should have the following characteristics:

♦ it should be as close as possible to a whole food

♦ the company that manufactures the product should follow strict GMP standards and be FDA registered

♦ the manufacturing company  should also be able to provide certificates of analysis from independent third party labs that check for contaminants, dosage, and quality of raw materials

♦ it has to work!

Supplements may take 2-3 weeks to show their full effect, but ultimately you should be able to feel its effects over time.

♦ honesty and transparency, trust and openness

You’ll definitely want to purchase from a company that you can trust and that provides you with all the necessary information you are looking for with regards to the supplement of your choice


Ingenium Naturals works with manufacturing plants that follow both strict GMO guidelines and are FDA registered. Upon request they will also provide certificates of analysis for the supplements you may want to purchase from them.


What to next?

Having already mentioned the reasons why these ingredients are used makes me reach the conclusion that for most companies it is all about the bottom line. Wanting to compete in a very competitive market and taking  advantage of the misinformation  consumers are fed, many larger manufacturing companies prefer selling lower quality products for less.

Of course ingesting small amounts of these fillers from time to time might not me hugely harmful, but as I often bring up during my blog articles, we have to consider the cumulative affect over time. We are exposed to literally hundreds of chemicals a day, whether through our skin lotions, shampoos, deodorants, or supplements, we have to learn to make the right choices in order to avoid a saturation point from which it may be difficult to turn back from.

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