The Geishas’ legendary beauty oil 

When I first discovered this legendary Japanese oil, I was searching for an alternative to the many skin oils available on the market. Not because rose oil, argan oil, or other types of natural skincare oils did not provide benefits to the skin, but because I wanted to try the oil of the Geisha’s.  To my surprise, and confusion…I learned there are 3 different types of so called Camelia plants from which the oils are derived, but which of these would be the traditional Japanese oil used for centuries to render glowing hair and skin? Which of these was the legendary beauty oil of the Geishas?

This I had to find out!

1. camelia sinensis oil-this is the tea seed oil

2. camelia oleifera oil – this is commonly known as tea oil or Camelia oil

3. camelia japonica – also known as Japanese tea oil or  Tsubaki-abura in Japan!!


Yes, this one was it! A legendary beauty oil derived from a magnificent winter-blooming flower… 

Now I was able to begin my research, discover its properties,  and see how I would be able to add it to my skincare routine!

This is what I learned… 

There are numerous benefits to using pure Tsubaki oil directly on skin & hair…

1. First and foremost, the Camelia Japonica plant from which the Tsubaki oil is derived has a different chemical composition than the other 2 camelia plants. It is usually extracted by a cold pressed procedure, which allows for its properties and nutrients to remain intact.

2. It is a very rich source of oleic acid ( Omega9- up to 82% of its fatty acids). This fatty acid has numerous benefits for our skin and our health in general. However, tsubaki is not an ideal oil to be used on acne prone skin and skins prone to breakouts as these types of skins already have a high level of oleic acid.

3.  The high oleic content also gives this luxury oil,  the emollient virtues that help soften skin & hair and allow for a deep and intense hydration.

4. Omega 9 is a highly efficient transdermal carrier and is very effective in enhancing the skin’s moisture retention ability. Its skin replenishing virtues are unlike many of the other natural oils on the market.

5.  The tsubaki is also rich in polyphenols and therefore rich in antixodiants that help fight free radicals and therefore signs of aging of the skin. Dozens of studies have been carried out to this effect and they all prove how beneficial polyphenols are to our health. As a matter of fact Tsubaki oil has more naturally occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil. It also contains plant collagens and proteins. The plant proteins are very similar to keratin already found in hair and skin, therefore, introducing our skin and hair to a lipid structure already recognized by our cells makes this legendary oil easily absorbable!


6. Of course it also contains other nature-derived nutrients such as lower levels of linoleic fatty acids (Omega 6), Omega 3,  & vitamins A,B,D,E… all treasures for skin, hair and nails!

Now to the more practical information of how you can integrate tsubaki oil into your daily skincare routine… 

The Geishas used it to hydrate skin and hair, but also to remove their iconic makeup. So this is where I began.

For skincare

I replaced my daily mositurizing  cream with 3-4 drops of pure tsubaki oil in the mornings and evenings. As with the mositurizing cream I gently massaged it in small circular motion over my face and neckline. I do not have particularly oily skin, and I did not find this oil to be oily. I felt a sense of  instant relief on my skin, as well as noticing a visible dewiness.

I removed my makeup (non waterproof) by adding the oil to a cotton pad and gently massaging it over my eyelid and eyelashes. I figured this would be the true test. I was very careful not to get the liquid in my eye. It worked quite well!

I also now apply this oil over my hands, knees and elbows and notice a visible difference in dryness and a reduction of the tiny ingrown hairs in these areas.

Another very positive aspect of using this vegetable oil is you do not necessarily need to apply eye creams or lip conditioners, as its purity makes it safe enough to use around lips and eyes (although avoid putting the oil directly in your eye). Its rich oleic content and powerful antioxidants make tsubaki oil truly ideal in fighting wrinkles and signs of aging.

I also tried applying it on slightly damp skin following a shower….really nice! It was easily absorbed and my skin felt extremely smooth. I also felt great about it because I was not applying chemicals or any oils containing chemicals on my skin.

I found that some of the tsubaki oils on the market are far from being pure tsubaki oils. They come in very pretty packaging form big companies and the marketing is fantastic….BUT….as I often preach during my blogs…READ the LABELS! These are often blended with other, less recommended oils, or contain preservatives we absolutely do not need.  For more information about cosmetic ingredients to avoid at all costs you can read a previous blog I posted here

A truly high quality tsubaki oil without any addition of additives, fragrances, nor flowing agents can be found here. Ingenium Naturals provides quality, natural,  cruelty free skincare products you can use completely guilt free.

This pure Tsubaki oil is 100% pure and unscented, but if you like natural scents you can add a drop of pure essential oils so that you can benefit from both the oil’s medicinal and aromatherapeutic virtues. Important to note however, essential oils tend to be photosensitive so I would always recommend using a natural mineral based sunscreen if you decide to do this.

For hair

I have fairly short hair, but I found applying a few drops on damp hair definitely helped with the flyways. As well, the shine was evident! Because of its versatility, once I apply it over my face, there is always a little left over which I then smooth over my dry hair. You can of course add additional drops and work the tsubaki oil down the hair shaft.

Take full advantage of its rich mositurizing properties by preparing a…..

DIY  deep treatment pack for your hair

An easy way to fully take advantage of its rich mositurizing properties is to work the oil into your hair before washing it. By leaving the oil in your hair for 30 minutes (if you have more time leave it in up to 60 minutes). Cover the hair with a shower cap, then shampoo with a natural phytokeratin product and rinse.


You will notice the difference in shine and manageability from the first time you apply the treatment.

For nails

One of the biggest issues I have is with my nails. I like to keep them short, but maybe that’s because they are somewhat brittle and tend to crack as they grow….this definitely improved once I started taking an all natural Biotin supplement, but I wanted to add to this, and see in what other way I would be able to improve the health of my nails.

I started applying tsubaki oil to my nails every night. I replaced my chemically based, artificial cuticle oil with the big brand name, and started massaging the tsubaki oil on my nails and cuticles directly with my fingers. The rich phytonutrients and viatmin E content in the oil not only nourish the nail and prevent it from breaking, but also soften the cuticles! My nails have noticeably improved after only 10 days of applying the oil, and have reached a length I am happy with.

As a carrier oil for essential oils

Finally, as some of you may know, I have been experimenting with natural essential oils for a while now. You can read more about the 8 essential oils I recommend you have in your home here. I usually dilute these oils with a pure, excellent quality jojoba oil for topical use. I did the same with this pure tsubaki oil and it worked wonderfully. Thanks to its transdermal properties it allows the essential oils to penetrate deep into the skin, to achieve the desired effect.


My experience with this oil is very positive. I found the hydration to be long-lasting. Its qualities allow mositure to be effectively and efficiently sealed into the skin, and because of this, it is particularly indicated for dry and/or mature skin.

Keep in mind the purity of the product you choose to purchase! 

You certainly do not want to buy a tsubaki oil that is already scented with artificial fragrances, or one that contains any kind of preservative.

If you would like to purchase the Ingenium Naturas Pure Tsubaki Oil, go ahead and use coupon code:  Blog15% before check out. This coupon code can be used to receive 15% off your entire order on the Ingenium Naturals site.

Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the Journey!

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