A few things I discovered about Coconut Oil I feel compelled to share with you


I am open to trying new things. Always have been. But what I discovered about Coconut Oil really changed things around.

I figured, it being one of the most widespread medicinal fruit plants in the world said much about its reputation….but what could it do for me?

I decided to actively research coconut oil’s effects and  read some of the results. WOW!

I was blown away

Externally, we know what it can do when applied on our skin our nails and our hair. It can help relieve symptoms of a variety of skin ailments of course. We’ve heard so much talk about using coconut oil to hydrate or to remove make up. But what does it do to our bodies when we ingest it? This is an entirely different story.

Did you know that Studies on Coconut Oil have proven it truly does provide a myriad of health benefits?  Internally, it works to improve cholesterol levels (a huge bonus for me!) , control blood sugar, and promote hormone and thyroid health. As a weight loss supplement, it increases energy and endurance and it helps burn fat cells in the body.

At this point I thought its benefits were too many to ignore. But further research also proved to me that Coconut Oil is packed with antioxidants that can improve the immune system, and  fights off numerous types of viruses and bacteria.

Then what you ask? 

Thanks to the lauric acid, when ingested coconut oil provides exceptional support for your hair! Sure, put some on your hair in the morning if it makes your hair look nice…But ingesting it makes the process complete! This fatty acid easily binds hair proteins helping to protect roots, hair strands and hair breakage. I  absolutely loved this discovery!

 How can you choose the right all-natural Coconut Oil supplement for your needs?We obviously do not want anything in our homes that contains additives like sugar, starch, yeast, preservatives, or random fillers like magnesium stearate or any type of cellulose. We deserve a pure high quality supplement that can provide effective results.

If you want to try a superior high quality, extra virgin Coconut Oil supplement  without the addition of fillers and additives you can find it here . This particular oil is 100% pure and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the United States (which is usually a guarantee of quality in itself).

What now?

As with all-natural supplements, effects are never immediate. I gave myself 3 weeks to judge. The type of lifestyle we lead is also paramount.It’s always a synergy of right choices that allow us to feel better about ourselves.

One thing is certain, I do feel like I have more energy throughout the day. I haven’t checked my cholesterol level yet, but will keep you posted on those results. My hair is shinier, and I see less strands in my hair brush! Which is always a relief of course. As for my weight? Down 5 pounds in 3 weeks…..Ya!

I would love to hear what kind of results you have had with coconut oil supplements. Let me know!

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