What does freedom mean to you?

I often ask people I know this question…What does “freedom” mean to you? The responses are generally different from one person to the next, but ultimately the end result is that everyone wants to reach a common goal: happiness.

Freedom has been defined as “absence of undue restrictions” or “the absence of constraint in choice or action”. It can mean financial freedom, freedom to speak your mind, freedom to make your own choices. Or more generally it can mean freedom form any bonds that may tie you down, limiting your true self.

My answer? Freedom is learning from my mistakes, and being free to make the right choices in the future. I am not tied to anything I do not want to be tied to. I am free to make those choices and choose my bonds. I am free to choose how I want to spend my money, I am free to speak my mind, but understand my limits in infringing on other people’s feelings and personal rights.  I can make the right choice and take better care of myself. I can make the right choices and decrease my carbon foot print. I learn from my errors and know that well thought out choices can make me content. I am free to be happy and make others happy as well by, going down the right path. I can  pursue this freedom with pride. I can lay down at night, with a relaxing essential oil blend, knowing I am free and a much better person because of the choices I have made.

Whatever “freedom”means to you, as long as it can somehow contribute to your happiness, or the happiness of those around you, you are FREE. Pursue freedom one step at a time, one right decision at a time.

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